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Sign your child up for one of our many dance camp options taking place in Summer 2017. At Dorothy Keck Dancers, we know that summer is the season when kids get to have fun--and we believe that fun should include some physical activity. We have a range of themed summer dance camps, so your child is bound to find something he or she likes. You can register for any of our courses in the registration portal.

Dance Camps for Kids

When you’re looking for a fun way to let your children get all their energy out, our summer dance camps are here. We offer camps throughout the summer so you can tailor your children’s experience to the schedule that works best for your family.

List of the 2017 Summer Camps

Class Camps

Teens & Intensive Classes

Turn Up Krew Camp Schedule

Contact us today to learn more about our summer dance camps. We accept students in San Antonio, Texas.

Summer Dance Schedule