Dress Code

Mommy and Me

    • Dancer:
      • Leotard (any style/color)
      • Tights (any color)
      • Ballet Shoes (pink preferred)
      • Ballet Skirt (optional)
    • Parent:
      • Comfortable clothes that you can sit, stand, and move in (such as yoga pants, leggings, sweat pants, etc)
      • Clean Tennis Shoes or any dance shoe

First Steps, Level 1, Level 2 (Tap, Ballet, Tumbling)

      • Leotard (any style/color)
      • CONVERTIBLE Tights (any color)
      • Ballet Shoes (pink preferred)
      • Black Tap Shoes with TAP TIES
      • Ballet Skirt (optiona)
      • Dance Bag for student’s shoes

Level 3, Level 4 (Tap, Ballet, Jazz)

      • Leotard and tights (any style/color)
      • Ballet Skirt (optional)
      • Pink Split-Sole Ballet Shoes (canvas preferred)
      • Black Lace-Up Tap Shoes
      • Jazz Shoes (tan preferred)
      • Dance Bag for student’s shoes

Bitty Bop, Shake It Up!, Move It! (Hip Hop, Tumbling)

    • Leotard or biketard, fitted leggings/dance shorts, jogger or harem pants (any style/color)
      • If wearing fitted dance shorts dancers must wear tights.
    • Black Jazz Shoes

Teenie Tumblers, Foundations of Acro, Acro 1, Acro 2

    • Leotard WITH TIGHTS, unitard/biketard (any style/color) or FITTED sports bra
    • Convertible or Footless Tights (optional)
    • No shoes required – dancers must be barefoot
    • Fitted dance shorts or leggings (optional)
      • Athletic shorts are NOT permitted.

Ballet Classes

    • Leotard (any color/style)
    • Convertible Ballet Pink Tights
    • Ballet Skirt (optional)
    • Pink Split Sole Ballet Shoes (canvas)
    • Hair must be worn in a bun.

Jazz Classes

(Dance Team Prep, Musical Theater, Level 5-7 Jazz, Contemporary/Modern, Strength and Flexibility)

    • Leotard (any color/style)
    • Fitted dance top or sports bra
    • Dance shorts with tights or Fitted Leggings
    • Jazz Shoes (Tan Preferred)
    • Dancers in Contemporary should wear half-sole shoes

Hip Hop Classes (Level 1-Level 4)

    • Tight fitted tops or loose-fitting shirt with a sports bra/leotard (any color/style)
    • Harem pants, sweat pants, basketball shorts (covering knees), fitted leggings
    • Black Jazz Shoes or Dance Sneakers (must be studio approved)