mommy & me

Create a memorable bonding experience with your child by turning to Dorothy Keck Dancers. While toddlers may not be able to express themselves much through speech, dancing gives them a way to let out their energy and emotions.

Our Mommy & Me toddler dance is for toddlers 18 months to 2.5 years. The classes teach basic ballet technique, as well as other forms of movement like tumbling. Even more than technique, this baby dance class offers an opportunity to interact with your child in fun, creative ways.

One of the main benefits of dancing is the confidence it helps build. This course builds the skills needed to join the First Steps class and can make them more active in their daily life. If your little one is between 18 months and 2.5 years sign them up for this 45-minute class.

2018-2019 Fall/Spring Mommy & Me Sessions


Tuesday 9:30-10:15am

Session I: October 2 - November 6
Session II: January 29 - March 5
Session III: March 26 - April 30

Tuesday 5:15-6:00pm

Session I: September 11- October 16
Session II: October 30 - December 11
Session III: January 15 - February 19
Session IV: February 26 - April 9
(no class on March 11)
Session V: April 23 - May 28

Wednesday 9:30-10:15am

Session I: September 12-October 17
Session II: October 31-December 12
Session III: January 23-February 27
Session IV: April 3-May 8

Saturday 10:00-10:45am

Session I: September 8-October 13
Session II: October 27-December 8
Session III: January 12-February 16
Session IV: March 23-April 27

Cost: $65 per session