Dorothy Keck Dance Company Information

The Dorothy Keck Dance Company made its debut during the 2016-2017 Season. The team currently consists of dancers ages 5-9 years old who compete at various dance competitions around San Antonio. All DKDC members are selected through an invitation-only audition and must show a positive, upbeat attitude, great focus in class, consistent effort, and technical potential. The DKDC is led by Courtney Tomasi.

How to Audition:

Dancers who want to be a part of the Dorothy Keck Dance Company should work hard, show a great attitude, retain choreography, and have wonderful presence in class and on stage. Dancers who show these traits will be invited to an invitation-only audition, which will determine their placement on the DKDC. During this class, students will showcase tap, ballet, jazz, and tumbling techniques and will learn short routines.

If you are interested in the Dorothy Keck Dance Company but did not receive an audition invitation, call us at 210-829-8489 and ask to speak with Ms. Courtney. Auditions are held once a year in the summer.

Made the DKDC? What comes next?

  • Their “level” Tap, Ballet and Jazz classes
  • Acro 1 or Acro 2 (highly recommended for all members, required for dancers competing in this genre)
  • Competition Routine Rehearsal on Saturdays

DKDC members must pay a monthly fee of $45 per month in addition to monthly tuition. Weekend rehearsal times do not factor into monthly tuition rate calculation.

Members are also required to pay additional fees throughout the year to cover competition and costume costs.